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Agnostic Front

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Agnostic Front ist eine der wenigen echten Top-New York-Hardcore-Bands seit den 1980ern. Sie kommen aus Brooklyn, New York ...

Man muß nur aufpassen, ob sie nicht manchmal ein bischen rechts sind.


  • Homepage[>] -- es wird für das 2011er-Album geworben.
  • MySpace[>] -- das übliche, etwas Musik und Video.
  • WikiDiki[>] -- ein lesensweter Artikel ! - Check out da history.


Gegründet in den 1980ern, Vinnie Stigma, ..., bis 1993.

Nuclear Blast-Band seit ...

1998 Neugründung ...

Konzert 2008 in München ...


Echnaton says:

"Wer Agnostic Front mag, dem gefällt auch Sick of it All, Madball und Suicidal Tendencies."


->  [zu den Spitzen-Bands]

->  [zum Portal Musik]

->  [zum Hauptportal Poltern]



Links zu Agnostic Front


  • Last.fm[>] -- mit Agnostic Front-Radio.
  • WikiDiki english[>] -- nicht so gut wie der deutsche Artikel.
  • Indiepedia[>] --


  • Laut.de[>] -- Biographie und Alben.
  • Metal-Hammer[>] --
  • Lyrics 1[>] -- alle Lyrics bei Lyricsmania.com.
  • Lyrics 2[>] -- alle Lyrics bei AzLyrics.com.





Von Agnostic Front gibt es erstaunlich viele Videos. Sie scheinen die Sache durchaus businessmäßig anzugehen.


  • Channel[>] -- auf YouTube.
  • Sick of It All-Playlist[>] -- nn Songs (2012 sind ... gesperrt, Buh !).




  • Addiction[>] -- wohl was neues. neu und hart - naja.



Die Agnostic Front-Alben

Agnostic Front haben seit 1984 zehn Alben gemacht.


  • 1984 Victim in Pain -- (Rat Cage Records) - ... - [WPE]
  • 1986 Cause for Alarm -- (Combat Records) - ... - [WPE]
  • 1987 Liberty & Justice For… -- (Combat Records) - ... - [WPE]
  • 1992 One Voice (Relativity Records)
  • 1998 Something’s Gotta Give (Epitaph Records)
  • 1999 Riot, Riot, Upstart (Epitaph Records)
  • 2001 Dead Yuppies (Epitaph Records)
  • 2004 Another Voice (Nuclear Blast)
  • 2007 Warriors (Nuclear Blast)
  • 2011 My Life, My Way (Nuclear Blast)



1. Album - Victim in Pain – (1984)


Das erste Album Victim in Pain hat 11 Stücke und dauert überraschend kurze 15:22 min, auf Rat Cage Recorde.



01 Victim in Pain[>]0:48 -
02 Remind Them[>] – 1:04 -

03 ...


11 ...


Rezension: "..." - (von ... ...)



2. Album - Cause for Alarm – (1986)



3. Album - Liberty & Justice for… – (1987)



4. Album - One Voice – (1992)



1998: Something’s Gotta Give (Epitaph Records)


1999: Riot, Riot, Upstart


2001: Dead Yuppies


2004: Another Voice


2007: Warriors


2011: My Life, My Way



Leute bei Agnostic Front





Konzert am Sonntag, den 20.04.3008 in München !


Aus der Backstage-Werbung:


"Roger Miret: "Wir sind gegen Krieg, gegen die Religion und gegen die Gesellschaft. Wir sind auch gegen alle Regeln. Niemand hat das Sagen. Wir sind ein Produkt der Reagan-Ära. Unter Reagan entstand die erste Hardcore-Welle. Das ist die gute Seite der Politik. Bush wird bestimmt eine neue Generation von Hardcore-Kids hervorbringen."


1981 entsteht unter der Reagan Administration die erste Hardcore Szene in den USA. Während an der Westküste die „Dead Kennedys“ toben, lassen Vinny Stigma und Roger Miret von „Agnostic Front“ an der Ost-Küste die Amps glühen. Den Grundstein für den amerikanischen Hardcore legten britische Skin-Bands wie „Sham 69“ und „Angelic Upstarts“ während ihrer USA-Tourneen. Die Embleme der Punk und Skin-Bewegung sind bei „Agnostic Front“ allgegenwärtig: Sei es auf ihrer Haut oder auf den Plattencovern, wie dieser gekreuzigte weiße Arbeiter, das Symbol der britischen Skins. Über „Agnostic Front“ weht das Banner des proletarischen Geistes der britischen Skins aus den 60er Jahren. Ihre größten Feinde sind die Symbole der Autorität.


Wenn „Agnostic Front“ bis heute überlebt haben, dann liegt das auch an ihrer Anpassungs-Fähigkeit. Egal ob Skin, Punk oder Metal: Auf den Sound kommt es an. Ihr Einfluss auf Bands wie „Anthrax“ oder „Rage against the Machine“ ist nicht zu überhören.


"In today's civilization, people continue to suffer undergoing the grief, corruption, oppression and exploitation without a way to elude their troubles. Many have lived through these problems for ages, and the moment one tries to fight for what they believe is right, the elite brings them down and their voices are disregarded. Since 1982, AGNOSTIC FRONT has helped get these messages across to the populace to help solve these problems through socially driven music known as “Hardcore.” AGNOSTIC FRONT has been amongst the most venerable and notorious outcasts of this hardcore movement. In their latest offering, Another Voice, the band gives power and strength to these ignored voices. As one of the original hardcore bands that lived and breathed the problems that controlled their everyday New York City lifestyle. Another Voice is their most intense album yet, offering a violent attack on today's civility, exposing some of society's worst problems with a genuine street-bred angst and fire that only few bands possess.

These rarely confronted and always respected leaders of hardcore were established as one of the meanest-sounding bands in the emerging punk genre, helping to initiate the term "Hardcore," and placing an entire uproar on the New York map by association. From the start, AGNOSTIC FRONT released a catalogue of fast and violent hardcore punk tunes consisting of distinctive and aggressive music with a non-stop barrage of chaotic shouting. On Another Voice, AGNOSTIC FRONT took a musical turn that resulted in a relentless and angrier approach through a pernicious outlook. Uncontrollable drumming and fuming guitars fill every minute like an onrushing storm of flailing limbs and incinerating transistors. The heavier paced balance between the energy and discipline of their earlier hardcore punk roots strikes a taut and vivid rock barrage that moshes in close formation. "It's social politics," Roger states. "The day-to-day reality of waking up, reading the newspaper, and walking around the neighborhood. It's a hard stare on why the world is still one fucked-up place, and we tackle the very real shit that's going down: gentrification's running rampant, street justice, world destruction, working wages, and backs are still being stabbed."

With Another Voice, AGNOSTIC FRONT is offering their meanest, nastiest and brutal NYHC anthems at their best! Featuring ex AF/Madball and hardcore veteran Matt Henderson on guitars and kick ass production by Zeuss and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed). Another Voice will include a ripping band performance and a guest enhanced video appearance with Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta captured by acclaimed director Dale “Rage” Resteghini for the song Peace. Other special guest vocal appearances on Another Voice include AF's close friends Scott Vogel (Terror) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis).

Long outliving their now-legendary contemporaries like Minor Threat, SSDecontrol, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, AGNOSTIC FRONT could easily live off their laurels, but their fight is yet over! Throughout their storied history, they have been anything but a ravishing group of individuals living prosperously and content, but more akin growing up on streets, watching the lights shot out one by one. Jail terms have been served. Divorces have been filed. Close friends have died. Some have been murdered. All this said don't expect Another Voice to be a mellow introspective album. While there are definite vestiges of there past, this latest outing is true to AGNOSTIC FRONT'S world today and not by merely dusting off Xeroxed memories of yesteryear. They sincerely have managed to continue and expose the conflicts they had to undergo in a compellingly evocative approach by relating it to their harsh views of today.

Another Voice is an album overflowing of significant hopefulness liberated from a profound fury reaffirming that AGNOSTIC FRONT as a band still operates like a musical razor blade. Regardless of their history, the proof is simple, AGNOSTIC FRONT's street anthems are hard, cutting, strong musical hit and runs that continues to broaden with every release.

No one is born with tattoos. No one's born hardcore. But when the ink or the music sets in, you're changed. AGNOSTIC FRONT continues to be living embodiment that "Hardcore for life" isn't an empty slogan or a musical dead end. "


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